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Apart from RT-PCR based confirmatory tests which are the gold standard in the industry, we also do a wide range of tests in the field of Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Haematology, Immunology, Biochemistry etc.

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We have set up diagnostic labs in various regions of West Bengal.

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We are humbled to be an integral part of the medical devices industry to contribute towards better diagnosis of diseases. We have an extensive portfolio of services targeting the diagnosis of several diseases.



GDDL is the trendsetter and number one Molecular Diagnostic lab chain in India. We have an enviable list of confirmatory molecular diagnostic tests unmatched by any other lab in India. Because our RT-PCR tests are carried out by the same kits & reagents which are manufactured by us, the test results are 100% conclusive, reliable, and accurate.


Clinical Pathology

Pathology is a medical procedure that involves determining the cause & nature of diseases and it is integral to the health of people. About 70% of all medical decisions and 100% of disease diagnoses rely on pathology tests. GDDL’s mission in pathology is to deliver accurate, precise, and timely diagnostic services.
We pride ourselves as the renowned and trusted clinical pathology lab chain that boast a team of specialist pathologists, several medical technicians, and clinicians. As one of the top clinical pathology lab chains in India, with timely and accurate results we facilitate optimal health management.



GDDL is one of the best and most advanced lab chain having Microbiology labs that provide comprehensive clinical services for diagnosis, prevention tests for various concerns. Our microbiology lab tests include different techniques like microscopy, detection of antibodies, isolation on culture media, etc.
These microbiology lab tests are employed to identify the presence of pathogenic microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other parasites. Our antimicrobial susceptibility tests are carried out in isolation to identify the appropriate antibodies that could help in treating the infection correctly.
As the leading microbiology lab in India, our laboratories are fully equipped with modern automated systems to address micro bacterium culture, blood culture, antimicrobial susceptibility, bacterial determination, thus shortening the total turnaround time (TAT) for reporting.



GDDL’s blood testing labs feature excellent advanced equipment-base that has automated cell counters, flow cytometers, coagulometers, etc. We are providing a wide range of Haematology blood tests for diagnosis of various blood disorders as well as tests related to bone marrow.
We have powerful systems that can easily diagnose various genetic defects, blood deficiencies, leukaemia characterization, anaemia, as well as clotting abnormalities.
Comprehensive haematology blood tests for the identification of all kinds of hypercoagulability and bleeding disorders are also offered.
The clinical laboratory for haematology integrates highly skilled technicians and reliable automation to provide accurate yet dependable test results within a short period of time while maintaining the proper degree of quality control.



The immunology tests at GDDL’s labs offer a vast range of clinical facilities in diagnosis and analysis of health problems associated with various infectious and immunological diseases.
GDDL engages in testing allergen sensitivity, infectious diseases, complex autoimmune disorders, serological testing and much more.
Immunology tests are being performed with the help of highly automated systems. We promise to deliver quality test results with quick turnaround time at reduced prices.



Our Biochemistry labs with sophisticated equipment offers automated diagnosis support in case of both routine & urgent testing. To ensure accuracy we perform clinical biochemistry tests with the help of the latest sophisticated-computerized systems, right from most basic simple to automated tests, lab results are controlled through internal and external quality control programs.


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Apart from RT-PCR based confirmatory tests which are the gold standard in the industry, we also do a wide range of tests in the field of Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Haematology, Immunology, Biochemistry etc.

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GDDL is one of the first indian state of the art molecular diagnostic (RT-PCR) based labs, offering a wide range of RT PCR based tests to accurately diagnose various pathological conditions at an affordable price

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