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Director and Co-founder

Raja Majumdar

“Our mission is to provide quality-assured results of diagnostic tests and assist in the proper detection of medical conditions”


Director of diagnostic

Avijit Ghosh

“A wide range of diagnostic solutions illustrate our presence intended for the betterment of human health”


Director and Co-founder

Anjana Majumdar

“Patients’ health is our priority”


Head of GDDL

Avijit Sen

“We are committed to deliver innovative diagnostic services for patient care”


Quality Manager

Madhumita Lahiri

“GDDL is an innovative approach to care for patients’ lives”


Lab Manager

Surajit Maiti

“We are leveraging our service portfolio to enrich lives of people”

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About Us

GDDL is one of the first indian state of the art molecular diagnostic (RT-PCR) based labs, offering a wide range of RT PCR based tests to accurately diagnose various pathological conditions at an affordable price

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